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​​​​​​​August 2020, Vol. 5, No. 8, pp. 218-223. 

​​Determination of Arsenic and Cadmium in Soil, Water and Some Vegetables Irrigated with River Tudun Wada, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Shaapera Ugbidye¹, Yakubu Yahaya¹, Godwin Magit Mafuyai²
¹Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Agriculture, P.M.B.2373, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.
²Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Science University of Jos, Nigeria.

​​*Corresponding author’s


The concentrations of Arsenic (As) and Cadmium (Cd) were determined in soil, water and three vegetables (Moringa oleifera leaves, Spinach leaves and cassava leaves) around river Tudun Wada, Kaduna State, Nigeria. The results of the soil, samples revealed the mean concentration of 8.04 ± 3.3 µg/kg As and 31767 ± 11403 µg/kg Cd;  in water 0.0085 ± 0.003 µg/L As and 279 ± 2.9 µg/L Cd and in vegetables: Moringa Oleifera (7.90 ± 0.2 µg/kg As and 14850 ± 100 µg/kg Cd); Spinach (7.70 ± 0.3 µg/kg As and 14800 ± 346 µg/kg Cd) and Cassava (8.10 ± 0.5 µg/kg As and 14950 ± 574 µg/kg Cd) respectively. The values of As recorded in this research in soil, water and vegetables are below FAO/WHO permissible limits with exception of Cd which is higher than FAO/WHO permissible limits in all the samples analyzed. Therefore, we solicit that farmers should engage in prudent agricultural practice to minimize the uptake of toxic metals by plants.

Keywords: Arsenic; Cadmium; River Tudun Wada; Vegetables.


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