​​​​​​​April 2020, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 94-101. 

​​A Review on Microbial Biooil Production from Biodiesel derived Crude Glycerol

S. Chozhavendhan*, G. Vino Helina, S. Alin Anubama
Department of Biotechnology, Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women,Tiruchengode, Tamilnadu. India.

​​*Corresponding author’s e-mail: scv.ibt@gmail.com


Rapid growth in the biodiesel production naturally resulted in a redundant crude glycerol accumulation. Crude glycerol has gained considerable concern as a substrate for biooil production which replaces fossil fuel with plant oil like renewable resources. Refining processes are necessary to replace pure glycerol because of the contaminants present in crude glycerol. An integer of microorganisms applicable to the species of yeast, fungi, bacteria, and algae have capable to accumulate more than 20% of lipids of their biomass under specific conditions are called oleaginous microorganism. These organisms are breed faster than higher plants and do not necessitate land. In commercial applications such as food, fuel, pharmaceutical, and oleo chemistry, these oils can be used. This article reviewed a variety of oleaginous microorganisms for production of lipids using crude glycerol.

Keywords: Biodiesel; Crude glycerol; Oleaginous microorganisms; Biooil..


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