International Journal of Modern Science and Technology


International Journal of Modern Science and Technology

Volume 1, No. 4, July 2016. 

Mini Review

A Study on Effectiveness of B to B Marketing in a Modern World

M. Radhikaashree, P. Shruthi Unnikrishnan

Pages 111-114​​.

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Research Articles

Effective Optimization of Network Reliability using New Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

A. Sriram, P. Deepan

Pages 115-120​​.

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​​Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Characterization and Biological studies on 1,3,4-Thiadiazinan-5-one derivatives 

S. Srinivasan, R. Girija

Pages 121-128​​.
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Biodiesel Production from Pongamia oil using Magnetic Composite of Zinc Oxide Nanocatalyst

G.Baskar, S. Soumiya, R. Aiswarya

Pages 129-137​​.
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Numerical Solutions of Mathematical Model on Effects of Biological Control on Cereal Aphid Population Dynamics

Judith J. E. J. Ogal, N. B. Okelo, Roy Kiogora, Thomas Onyango

Pages 138-143​​.
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A Study of Harmonic Mitigation using Active Power filters in a PV system Integrated with GRID through a Multilevel Inverter
T. D. Sudhakar, H. Prasad, S. Vinodhini

Pages 144-149​​.
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