ISSN 2456-0235

International Journal of Modern Science and Technology


​​February-March 2021, Vol. 6, No. 2-3, pp. 31-42. 

​​A Novel approach for designing Gear tooth Profile by Mathematical equations for three different gear types Spur, Internal, and Helical Gear and creating models using SolidWorks and CATIA

Eng. Moath Zaareer*
Department of Mechanical Engineering, United Arab Emirates University, UAE.

​​*Corresponding author’s


Gears are an important invention that is in almost every mechanical item in our life. Gears have precise calculations to draw their profile for manufacturing to handle high stresses while operating. Previous articles have complicated and time-consuming methods for drawing gear profiles lacking an appropriate method for Inner Gears (Found in Epicyclic) and Helical Gears. In this article, the author demonstrates a novel method for making a full Epicyclic gear, including Spur Gear and Inner Gear, and designing a full 3 Dimensional Computer Aided Design model. Furthermore, the article discusses the theory and equations of a Helical Gear and the method of designing a 3 Dimensional Computer Aided Design model. After outlining each Gear type method, equations are used to simulate coordinates in Excel then implemented in SolidWorks. The unique method used focuses on between teeth profile instead of casual tooth profile, which is not always applicable in unique gear parameters. The method proposed is accurate in every gear case and results in the most precise gear representation while still being simple to implement.

Keywords: Spur Gear, Helical Gear, Planetary Gear, SolidWorks, CATIA.


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