​​​​​​​May 2019, Vol. 4, No. 5, pp 115-118. 

​​Generation of Three phase AC Circuit using MOSFETs

M. Arunraj, J. J. Selvin
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Adithya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India.

​​*Corresponding author’s e-mail: m.arunraj011@gmail.com


The proposed system is used for generation of three phase ac circuit using MOSFETS. When we consider an odd number of not gates, the output from the last gate is the same output that we get in the first gate. But we have some time delay which we call latency this gives a feed back to the previous gate, in the last gate by this latency we get some oscillations. In a real (ideal) ring oscillator needs energy only for working. The oscillation starts spontaneously when a certain threshold voltage is applied. The frequency of oscillation will s determined by the number of gates (stages) and the applied voltage.

Keywords: Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor; Bipolar junction transistor; Center tap transformer; Threshold voltage.


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