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International Journal of Modern Science and Technology


​​​​​​​​​​​​​July 2018, Vol. 3, No. 7, pp 161-165. 

​​​An Invitro study of Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potential of Artemisia pallens

N.V. Kanimozhi¹, N. Balaji²*
¹Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai-600 025. India.
²*Department of Biotechnology, Madha Engineering College, Chennai-600 069. India.
​​*Corresponding author’s e-mail:


Artemisia pallens, commonly known as Davana, is an aromatic herb found abundantly in humid habitats in the plains all over India. The plant is accredited with anthelmintic, antipyretic and tonic properties and also considered as a good fodder. Phytochemical screening of this herb showed the presence of various phytoconstituents. Extracts were analyzed for their antimicrobial capacity against bacterial strains and fungal strains and their zone of inhibition was calculated. It was done by well diffusion method. Also anti-inflammatory activity was verified i.e., protein denaturation technique is used to evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of the extract. Finally antioxidant capacity of the ethanol extract of Artemisia pallens was investigated by phosphomolybdenum method. The extract showed strong antioxidant activities indicating that Artemisia pallens extract functions an efficient antioxidant to scavenge free radicals and reduces free radical induced cellular damage.

Keywords: Artemisia pallens; Antimicrobial; Anti-inflammatory; Protein denaturation; Phosphomolybdenum method.


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