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International Journal of Modern Science and Technology


​​​​​International Journal of Modern Science and Technology, Vol. 2, Special Issue 1, 2017, Pages 13-19.


Real Time Application of Smart Grid in Distribution Systems

V. Dhanasamy, K. Tamilmaran, M. Manoj, G. Balasubramanian
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Arasu Engineering College, Kumbakonam – 612 501. India.

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In this paper presents real time application of smart grid in distributed systems. The smart grid, regarded as the next generation power grid, uses two-way flows of electricity and information to create a widely distributed automated energy delivery network. In this paper deals with supporting modernization of the electricity transmission and distribution networks to maintain a reliable and secure electricity infrastructure that can meet future demand growth and to achieve increased use of digital information and controls technology; dynamic optimization of grid operations and resources; deployment and integration of distributed resources and generation; development and incorporation of demand response, demand-side resources, and energy-efficient resources; development of ‘smart’ technologies for metering, communications and status, and distribution automation; integration of ‘smart’ appliances and consumer devices; deployment and integration of advanced electricity storage and peak-shaving technologies; provisions to consumers of timely information and control options and development of standards for communication and inter-operability.” For the smart protection system, we explore various failure protection mechanisms which improve the reliability of the smart grid, and explore the security and privacy issues in the smart grid.

​​Keywords: Smart Meter; Advanced Metering Infrastructure; Wide Area Network; Wireless Communication; Supervisory Control; Data Acquisition.


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