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International Journal of Modern Science and Technology


​​​International Journal of Modern Science and Technology, 1(9), 2016, Pages 318-323. 

Physico-chemical characterization of the effects of surfactant on samarium doped ceria (Ce0.8Sm0.2O2) perovskite as electrolyte for low temperature SOFC application

Chima B. Njoku
School of Chemistry and Physics, Westville Campus, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Private Bag X 54001, Durban 4000, South Africa.

Sol-gel technique was adapted to synthesize porous samarium doped ceria nanoparticles. The templating characteristics of Pluronic F-127 surfactant were used to improve its porosity and physico-chemical properties. The electrolyte material was calcined at 800°C, the crystalline nanostructures and microstructures were characterized by X-ray diffraction spectroscopy and high resolution transmission electron microscopy. The electrochemical properties were characterised by using Kittec Squadro SOFC testing equipment with air and hydrogen as gases used. These results show that the nature of the surfactant influenced the particle morphology, pore diameter, pore size, crystallite size, surface area and electrochemical properties.

​​Keywords: Solid oxide fuel cell; Cerium; Samarium; Surfactant; Air; Sol-gel technique.


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