International Journal of Modern Science and Technology, 1(5), 2016, Pages 159-163. 

Interval-Valued Product Fuzzy Soft Matrices and its Application in Decision Making

S. Vijayabalaji*, N. Sathiyaseelan
*Department of Mathematics,University College of Engineering, Panruti-60710, Tamilnadu, India.

Matrix theory plays a significant role in decision making situation. The study of matrices in fuzzy setting has always attracted researchers to a greater extend. Fuzzy matrix is a matrix over fuzzy algebra. Soft set is another interesting theory on uncertainty. Cagman made effort in defining soft matrices and fuzzy soft matrices. Interval-valued fuzzy set is another generalization of fuzzy sets that was introduced by Zadeh. Motivated by the theory of soft sets, soft matrices and product fuzzy soft matrices our aim in this paper is to introduce the notion of interval-valued product fuzzy soft matrices as a generalization of product fuzzy soft matrices. We also provide an interesting decision theory on it. 

​​Keywords: ​Qualitative analysis; Mathematical model; Biological control; Cereal aphid; Population dynamics. 


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