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International Journal of Modern Science and Technology


International Journal of Modern Science and Technology

Volume 1, No. 2, May 2016. 

Research Articles

Oxidative deamination and decorboxylation of leucine by 1-chlorobenzimidazole in acid medium - A kinetic approach

M. Rukmangathan

Pages 42-46​​.

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Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy transition matrices

S. Vijayabalaji, G. Shyamsundar
Pages 47-51.

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Biosynthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using Aspergillus fumigatus JCF and its antibacterial activity

Arya Rajan, Elsa Cherian, G. Baskar

​Pages 52-57.

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Implementation of solar based grid tied with interleaved fly back Inverter
​S. Sivasakthi, C. Venkatesan, M. Thiyagarajan
Pages 58-63.
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Invitro studies on anticancer activity of combined ethanolic extract of date seed and custard apple seed
E. Raja Sathendra, R. Praveen Kumar, B. Bharathiraja, S. Chozhavendhan, S. Suresh Kumar
Pages 64-68.
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Assessment of water quality along the coast of Arabian Sea

S.P.R. Kalaikathir, S. Begila David

Pages 69-79.
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Fuzzy logic based contactless online performance monitoring machine for single phase induction motor
T. D. Sudhakar

Pages 80-84.
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